Collaboration Opportunities

Join the Canadian Community Mental Health Network (CCMHN) today!

CCMHN is a dynamic working group fostering collaboration, innovation, and capacity growth in accessing mental health services. As a member or partner, your organization will gain access to a robust network of professionals, resources, training, and advocacy tools. Your collaboration will empower CCMHN to make a profound impact in the lives of individuals and communities across Canada.

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Take the leap towards a stronger, unified mental health community and contribute to building a brighter, more resilient future for all.


Become an active member with CCMHN! Join CCMHN today to share your stories, lived experiences, and organizational history with CCMHN membership.

Collaborate, share knowledge, participate in advocacy work, and build capacity to increase access to mental health services.

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Community Mental Health Organizations and/or service providers that are not affiliated with a national organization or entity, who are interested in joining forces with similar organizations to build capacity in providing mental health services. Preference will be given to grass-roots, lived experience organizations.


Become a partner of CCMHN to affirm your commitment to increased access for mental health services!

Actively support and be involved in CCMHN member activities through:

  • Sponsoring research
  • Supporting innovation
  • Providing education and training

If you have questions, please email


Educational, innovation, or research-based organizations and institutions who are interested in supporting community mental health organizations.

Partner Benefits

Research Advancement

  • Contribute to mental health research.
  • Develop cutting-edge projects, innovative methodologies, and impactful findings to shape policies and practices.

Data Sharing and Collaboration

  • Increased collaboration results in more comprehensive and robust research outcomes.

Access to Expertise

  • Opportunity to collaborate with experts, front-line providers, and those with lived experiences.
  • Expertise can increase quality of research goals, methodologies, and interpretations.

Influence and Policy Impact

  • Government and public relations support, advocacy work, and ongoing research directly impacting mental health policy development and implementation.

Our Members

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