Together, we are stronger

Our commitment is to build a strong collaborative network that supports community mental health across Canada. Through connecting our members, their resources, and their experiences, we advance healthcare for all nationwide. As a person-first organization, we prioritize the voices of those with Lived Experiences in the leadership of our work.

Why become a member? By joining our network, you strengthen your voice, gain the opportunity to pool resources, share knowledge, access programs, training, and tools more effectively. Together, we strive to create and enhance information sharing and support provisions processes, making them readily available to patients in need.

Vetted tools and resources, including templates and guides to enhance capacity building and operational efficiency, and evaluate program and organizational impact – free to our members.

Reports and materials to help support a culture of evidence-based decision-making.

Training to support capacity development, including advocacy, volunteer and staff onboarding best practices and procedures, GBA+ analysis and implementation, and more.

Updated, aggregated lists of funding opportunities, as well as support completing and submitting multi-partner grants for network members.

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